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Barramundi neck gaiter
Australian made
versatile UPF50 Sun protection

UPF50 Neck Gaiter - Bomber

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Australian Made Barramundi Neck Gaiter.

Inspired by the Gold Bomber lure and the golden scales of the Barramundi, the Bomber neck gaiter, or face shield, offers UPF50 sun protection and is specifically designed to keep you cool and protected while you are working or playing your hardest under the harsh Australian sun.

Anchorline Performance Wear is manufactured in Australia using the latest technologies and highest quality UPF50 ultra-lightweight material. 

One size fits most.

Customer Reviews

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Steve C.
It’s hot and bright up here! Definitely need sun protection

Local Indigenous (I’m 400km SW of Darwin) friends think the pattern is King Brown snake !!
Great Australian made product.